How to upgrade your Windows 8 PC to Windows 81 for free

How long have you been expecting the windows 8.1 update? You don’t have to be curious any more the windows 8.1 has been release for free for every Windows 8 PC, I’m so sorry this update is not available for windows 7 for free. In this tutorial I will teach you how to simply upgrade your windows 8 PC to windows 8.1, a lot of new features have been added to the windows 8.1 including the ability to open a lot of windows in Modern UI, the Start button and the Search function has also been added to the new windows 8.1 version.

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Continue reading to learn how to upgrade your windows 8 to windows 8.1.

Make sure your PC is ready.

There are some few steps you have to take before you start the update. Firstly, make sure your PC is up-to-date; you can do that through Windows Update. Even if you PC is set to automatically update itself, it is still advisable to update it manually before you start the upgrading.

The second thing I will recommend you to do is to backup all your important files, videos and pictures, make sure everything is backed-up into an external hard-drive or a flash with a bigger memory even a free DVD is quite cool, but make sure its more than one. Also if you have a file history on, please run it before proceeding with the update.

Get the Windows 8.1 pack and Install it to your PC

Get ready to upgrade your PC for a new version of windows. Press the windows button to get to the start screen and select the store bar. As shown in the image below.

After that, click on the upgrade to windows 8.1 for free, you will see a screenshot showing you what your new version of windows will look like. What else are you waiting for? Click on the Download button.

What else? Wait for it to complete the download which normally takes nothing less than 30mins depending on how fast your internet connection is. So within this period of time you can do whatever you want to do on your computer since it doesn’t disturb you from using your computer while downloading and installing.        

I will advise you to use a fast and secure internet, instead of using a shared wireless internet connection or using a strange Ethernet connection; this will at least increase the speed of the download and also reduce the risk of getting disconnected in the middle of the download.

A popup will appear immediately your download is complete asking you to restart your computer, please don’t close the pop-up and restart immediately and also save any file you have created so that you won’t loss it also you can’t use your computer until it’s done because your computer will restart couple of times.

Different screens will appear to you while the installation is going on.

You are almost done what is left is for you to accept the terms and conditions, please read through before accepting.

After you are done with the installation some screen will appear telling you the apps you can get from the store to complement your new windows 8.1 version.

Booyah! What else? Nothing, you are left alone to enjoy your new version of windows 8.1 and its cool features.

Please if you have any problem with the installation do let me know so that I can help you with it right away.

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